Started in 2002, BiCities is the world's longest running show on bisexuality. Join hosts Dr. Margaret Charmoli and Dr. Anita Kozan for weekly interviews with leading experts and influential members of the bisexual community.

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In The News

Fox 9 News: TV program BiCities uplifts bisexual community

For more than 20 years BiCities has been giving a voice to the local bisexual community, with local doctors who lead the conversation. Watch Fox 9's segment here.

Fox 9 News: Inside the growing LGBTQ archive in Minnesota

Fox 9 reports on the Tretter Collection, featuring a clip from BiCities' own 2005 interview with Jean-Nickolaus Tretter himself. Watch Fox 9's segment here, or the whole BiCities! episode here.

Recent Episodes

BiCities! #307 Robyn Ochs & Lauren Beach @ BECAUSE Conference 2022

Robyn Ochs & Lauren Beach talk about their meetings with the Biden administration, Bi+ community issues they are working on at the federal government level, the progress (or lack thereof) of Bi research and what we need to do to move forward.

BiCities! #306 E Sirius Chessmore @ BECAUSE Conference 2022

E Sirius Chessmore - co-chair of BECAUSE this year shares their life, experiences, history and involvement with BECAUSE over the years.

BiCities! #305 Jessie Miller @ BECAUSE Conference 2022

Jessie Miller - founder of the organization: BRAVE - Bisexual+ Resilience Alliance for Violence Eradication, discussing how BRAVE came about to address the issues of intimate partner violence and the almost 100% lack of structural support for the Bi+ community from anti-violence support lines, organizations and groups.

BiCities! #304 Neil Aasve @ BECAUSE Conference 2022

Neil Aasve - Lead Organizer of the Visibility Impact Fund, talks about how he started this new grant making organization: started in November 2022, how they began as a giving circle and the focus and Impact of their efforts in the Bi Community.

BiCities! #303 Robyn Ochs @ BECAUSE Conference 2022

Robyn Ochs, internationally recognized author, speaker and bi-activist, talks about the history of Bisexuality, her newsletter Bi Women Quarterly, and the work that has been done to eliminate Bi-erasure over the years.


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